Sunday, 6 March 2011


(written after March 11th Earthquake and Tsunami)

Just going to say a short something... We had a such a wonderful time in Kamakura and it  is definitely one of the nicest/best places we have been to in Japan, but due to circumstances, I'm only going to show photos, I hope it show what a nice place this is. This was our first trip out with both of our cameras.
a wonderful day... and a wonderful memory...

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Vicki's Birthday Day

I had to work in the morning until half 2... which was fine, It was a easy day, all the kids behaved well and did there work with no fuss! I got a lovely card from everyone at school with some really special messages in... I really get on well with everyone at song especially the Japanese ladies there! They are so lovely, supportive and encouraging! Also, I had a Happy Birthday message from one of my 5 year old students called Mariya, her handwriting is just so far beyond her age I was so happy ^_^

Anyway, after I finished work I met Fran and we headed to Ebisu to see KT and baby, we stopped off at Krispy Kremes for a birthday doughnut treat . Spring is just around the corner and the flowers are beginning to bloom and everywhere is starting to look all pretty again!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

New School Uniform

Trying on the new school uniform for the pre-school! EXCITING! (the first couple of photos the kids are 2-4 and the last couple of my 2 confident 5 year olds!) I have the cutest students EVER!!!! (the girl with the bunches who doesn't smile in these photos - her mum said... she doesn't smile in photographs... I got a sneeky one of her smiling I'll be able to post it soon ^_^)