Monday, 31 January 2011

Japanese White-Eye Birds

Yes, that's right - A WHOLE post on these birds - I LOVE THEM! They are amazing and I could stand and watch them all day (as poor Fran knows - he was very patient whilst I spent about 10mins taking these photos). They weren't even bothered about how close I was to them, they were so busy enjoying the blossom. (Also - I had the wrong lens with me, so they aren't close up like I wanted... I'll go back there though with the right lens)
Do you understand why I like them so much now?

Friday, 21 January 2011

A clear day in Kita-Ageo

I've been wanting to take photos of these mountains for ages - but I always seem to either be in a rush or take the wrong bag, and don't have my camera on me. Anyway, I left for work in plenty of time to get a photo of these amazing mountains, which can be seen from Kita-Ageo Station in Saitama. Really amazing! I love them!!! All in all it was a good day for photography!!!!
These berries didn't stay here very long - the birds ate them pretty quickly!
As far as birds go in Japan, I think this is the scruffiest one I have seen! And YES! he did eat that!!!!
This was a handheld shot, so not as clear as it could have been, but not bad considering! The moon was sooooooo low and huge - and glowing this beautiful orange colour! It didn't last very long though, about 20 mins later it was the normal size, colour and place in the sky!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Japanese Nature in Winter

Haven't posted ANYTHING since Matt left... but we have both been very busy. We are both working SUPER hard so that March/April time we have money to do the things we want! So Fran is working 6 days a week - and doing a CRAZY amount of lessons may I add - last Sunday ALL his lessons filled up and he did 14! Really amazing! I've been working at school, teaching private lessons, and doing photoshoots with my friends to build up my portfolio! so when we HAVEN't been doing any of that we have been chilling out and been on a couple of really nice walks! So here are some of the nature picys I've taken (and some captions... for the birds I have named - I hope they are right, if they aren't please let me know!)...
 White Ume Blossom - Winter Plum Blossom
 I love this shot, purely because of the focus leading to and from the sparrow!
 The glistening from the sun's reflection in the water - it was only there for a split second... a complete contrast to the photos I took either side of it... they were all of the ducks but normal color and NO glistening!
A Water Wagtail
 White Ume Blossom - Winter Plum Blossom

 Here is a picture of a bug (or alien... we aren't sure!) Fran saw it... its about the size of a thumb (we have been back and it is still there we decided it must have died there)... Click here if you're feeling brave and want to see it! 

 2 Japanese White-Eyes (such a predictable name - hehe) I am absolutely fascinated by these birds... (there are a lot more picture of them too!) They seems to be so shy but sooooo inquisitive (you can see by the next photo), and more likely than not, there is more than one of them.
 A group of sparrows, enjoying the last bit of sun!
Pink Ume Blossom - Winter Plum Blossom, sooooooo beautiful!
Winter Sakura - light pink blossom
A stray cat climbing trees... he chased all the birds away, so I thought I would get a shot of him too!
Naumann's Thrush
 Sparrow... there are so many of them everywhere!
Another two Japanese White-Eyes, they were soooooo far away and Fran spotted them - Amazing eye sight he must have .... we were about 100meters away!!!!! So REALLY pleased with this shot! Thank you super amazing lens!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Korean Food in Ebisu with Dave and KT (Matt's last day)

Unfortunately, after the previous night's Karaoke we didn't have much energy to do or see much else before Matt had to leave. We headed to Ebisu in the evening for a nice Korean meal with Dave and KT.
The food was great, the company was great!!!!
And the last photo of Matt in Japan... everyone is looking pretty full! haha!
Obviously it was really hard Matt going... I had my brother back, and then he had to go! I really do miss my family so much being here in Japan... but for Matt to have visited for 11 day was just so amazing and I couldn't of asked for a better xmas in Japan - my (new) uncle and auntie, my favorite brother in the whole world (ha- lucky he's the only one) and really great friends! To all mine and Fran's family at home - we love and miss you very much and really can't wait to see you ALL xxx

Sunday, 2 January 2011

All Night Karaoke

It was awesome!!!! There were 16 of us and we all had a great time! Definitely want to do it again at some point... The hardest part was around 4:30am... everyone started singing slow songs and everyone got very sleepy. Luckily, after a handful of slow songs, everyone picked up the pace again and everyone got their second wind! Me, Matt and Fran got home at 7am...